Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: September 10 - 23

As September nears its end, I have added several pairs of earrings to the website in the last couple of weeks:

For these pretty earrings, I hand beaded silver and translucent blue glass seed beads into a small geometric diamond shape. I love wearing this style of earrings because they are so lightweight. They also come in a black and silver version.


These uniquely beaded earrings are a re-addition to my shop. They are beaded with cube shaped moss agate gemstones that appear almost as if moss were frozen inside the stones. They dangle from my handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.


These delicate and modern dangle earrings feature square iridescent labradorite and faceted garnet gemstones that are wire-wrapped with sterling silver beads. Beneath the gems, I added a tassel of sterling silver chains.


Lustrous tiger eye gemstones are surrounded by bronze toned glass beadwork for these small boho dangle earrings. They hang from handcrafted 14k gold-filled ear wires.


I found these labradorite beads at a local store and had to have them since that is always my reaction whenever I see anything labradorite. They have a beautiful iridescent shimmer with lots of green and blue flash. I beaded the gemstones with tiny glass seed beads to create these small and unique drop earrings.

Erin McIlroy
Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: August 27 - September 9

Hello! As September begins, here is the latest additions over the past couple of weeks to the website:

I love labradorite! It is probably my favorite gemstone with its beautiful iridescence that changes depending on how the light hits it. With this bracelet, I decided to showcase the pretty gem by weaving small labradorite beads between grey and silver glass seed bead beadwork. The bracelet closes with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


This design reminds me of earrings someone might wear in the 1920's or 30's or even the earlier Victorian era. They are classic, small and lightweight and beaded with faceted Czech glass fire-polished beads.. This latest pair comes in bronze and translucent blue, though I also have them available in Dark Hematite Grey as well as Bronze and Green.


Beautiful tiny purple flowers from my garden were pressed and dried then sprinkled in resin for this vintage inspired necklace that is perfect for any flower lover.


To go along with the labradorite bracelet above, I made these beadwork earrings with gorgeous labradorite that have a lot of flash that I bought locally. They are small and eye-catching and dangle from my handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.

Erin McIlroy
Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: August 20 - 26

Hello! August is drawing to a close and this past week I've added two elaborately beaded pairs of earrings to the website as well as a pretty pressed flower necklace:

This necklace is one of my favorite real flower necklaces that I have made. When I picked the central flower is was a shade of purple, but when it dried, it became a really pretty vivid violet-blue. For a vintage look, the resin pendant is set in an antiqued bronze setting.


I have had the central square labradorite gemstone beads for some time, but was unsure of how I wanted to use them. Then inspiration finally hit and I came up with this unique diamond shaped design incorporating the iridescent labradorite gems with grey and silver glass seed beads.


Beautiful pale sky blue glass seed beads are paired with silver beads for these bohemian beaded hoop earrings. They dangle from handcrafted sterling silver ear wires.

Erin McIlroy