Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: April 2018

I think I can now say spring has officially arrived here in Minnesota! The snow is gone and the leaves are budding on the trees, and the irises and lilies are starting to shoot up from the ground. I can't wait for the blooms.

The jewelry I added to the website in April is all shown below, with plenty more jewelry to come in the next few weeks that I have made, though they have yet to be photographed. (As of this moment I am up to 23 pieces and counting).

Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: March 2018

It is the last day of March, and I've been thinking spring (though it is mostly wishful thinking at this point as the ground is still coated in snow). I have added some colorful accessories to the website as well as rustic boho style jewelry. The pieces are a mix of beadwork, metalwork, as well as real flower resin earrings and necklace... What could be more spring-like than that?

Iris Elm Jewelry Newest Additions: February 2018

February ended here in Minnesota with a blizzard of over a foot of snow and I am ready for spring. As we move into March, the end of winter is in sight ... Yay!

This past month I've added a few more pieces to the website that I'm loving, and hope you do as well. Here are a few of them:

Fancy jasper (or Indian agate) is one of my favorites. I love the multi colors of the different stones and how the earth-tones all go so well together. This pendant is inspired from my quilted earrings design, though I used different colored seed beads then the earring version (found here).


Small copper hearts are hand-cut from copper sheet metal for these sweet and simple heart dangle earrings. I combined the copper with sterling silver wire for a mixed metal look.


Going with the mountain of snow in February theme, I designed this snowflake bracelet to match my White & Silver Snowflake Earrings. This bracelet was very intricate and took hours of beadweaving to make. I already had the snowflake design of the earrings, so I made this bracelet up as I went, with quite a few false starts before I got it to look the way wanted to, as usually happens when designing something new.


Larvikite is an interesting stone that comes from Norway and is similar to labradorite with its shimmering iridescence. The dark grey neutral coloring stone makes these earrings a complementary accessory for any occasion.


I am getting more and more into metalwork jewelry and am still new to it so I am slowly learning some new techniques. For these earrings I cut brass sheet metal into triangles then hammered. I then wire-wrapped a pretty mint green and gold vintage-looking Czech glass bead to go above.


For a pretty bohemian look, I made this sterling silver necklace with a flat faceted iridescent labradorite nugget then wire-wrapped a trio of small labradorite gems beneath. This necklace can be dressed up or dressed down.